5 Tips for Choosing a Wild Rag

5 Tips for Choosing a Wild Rag

I remember the first time I shopped for a wild rag. I have a decent number of wild rag colours and patterns that were given to me as hand-me-downs or as gifts over the years. But they are all similar with a main colour and a commonly recognizable pattern, like paisley or floral swirls, as a background.

If you want to expand your collection and add something unique and different we have assembled some expert silk scarf wild rag TIPS. With these 5 Wild Rag Shopping Tips, you are sure to select a perfect silk scarf that will remain in your wardrobe for years to come.



Think about how you plan to wear your wild rag when doing your shopping. what size and what material best fits how you plan to use your wild rag? 

All of Fringe Scarves wild rags are made of 100% silk. Silk is one of the most insulating of all-natural fibers, which is why it is great at keeping you warm. Silk also has an incredible warmth-to-thickness ratio. Even a thin and lightweight silk fabric can keep you warm when worn close to the skin. This is why silk fabrics have been a popular choice for insulating clothing like underwear, jackets, and hats for thousands of years.

Cotton absorbs moisture better than silk and when combined they become a great way to keep your body cool in the summer. Dip a cotton/silk blend in cool water and apply to the back of the neck will help regulate thermodynamics and keep you cooler.

The Long Tall scarf is a 36x36” square and is great for wrapping and piling to stay warm as well as add that bunched appearance that looks great with heavy winter wear.

The Shorty scarf is a 26x26” square and is a lighter touch that’s perfect for warm weather and adds color to dressy outfits.

Many of our scarves come in both shorty and long tall sizes, like the Hold Your Horses shown below.




A 100% silk wild rag is a piece that can be passed down for generations if taken care of properly. Silk thread is 4X times stronger than a steel thread of the same thickness. It was often used in multiple layers under armor to deter arrow penetration as well as for parachutes.

All of our Fringe silk scarf wild rags are made from the highest-quality silk with a high-end finished edge to prevent fraying. Each product description will note what type of silk that scarf is made.

  • 100% Satin silk is shinier with a smoother feel.
  • 100% Twill silk has a slightly more matte finish and a slight tooth or texture to it (perfect for a Spanish tie).
  • Charmeuse silk is lighter in weight, flows to the touch, and never wrinkles!


If you are shopping for your first silk wild rag, choose one that can go with as many outfits as possible.

Neutral designs like Tumcari or Squashed Blossom can be worn with almost any style.

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